ALNO at a glance

ALNO AG is one of the leading kitchen furniture manufacturers in Germany. The company employs around 1,787 people at its base in Pfullendorf and the works in Enger, Brilon and Coswig-Klieken. In addition to the four production sites in Germany, it also has three subsidiaries in other countries. ALNO AG has also had a production site in Dubai, UAE, since 2005. This makes ALNO the first kitchen manufacturer in Europe to have a production facility in the Middle East specifically for local market requirements. ALNO also has co-operations with around 7,000 sales partners in 64 countries.

The business field includes the development, production and marketing of kitchen furniture and the sale of electrical appliances and accessories. ALNO serves the most diverse customer target groups and price segments with its four brands, ALNO (premium segment, WELLMANN (classically modern), IMPULS (minimalist) and PINO (entry level segment). With an annual turnover of approx. € 446 million in 2012, ALNO is Germany‘s second largest and Europe’s fourth largest kitchen manufacturer.

The company was founded by Albert Nothdurft in Wangen near Göppingen in 1927. The production site relocated to Pfullendorf in 1958. There then followed a period during which the company developed rapidly, parallel to the economic growth in Germany and Europe. In 1995, the then ALNO Möbelwerke GmbH + Co. KG was made into a capital company, its shares traded on the official markets on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt and Stuttgart. In August 2003, ALNO AG merged with the Casawell Service group, which was an important step towards becoming one of the biggest kitchen manufacturers in the world.

ALNO AG not only represents tradition and quality, but is also consistently working to further develop its four brands in design, innovation and modernity. Surveys have confirmed that ALNO is the best known furniture brand in Germany.