COO Frank Wiedenmaier

Frank Wiedenmaier

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

appointed since May 1, 2016

Following his studies of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Constance (Fachhochschule Konstanz), Frank Wiedenmaier started his professional career at AEG Electrocom. He subsequently worked, among others, at EvoBus. He was then since 2009 member of the management (COO) of Novoferm Group and was responsible there for production, product development, logistics, supply chain and strategic central purchasing. Since January 2016, Frank Wiedenmaier has been Chief Operating Officer (no Board of Mangement appointment for the period between January 2016 and the end of April 2016 ) at ALNO AG and therefore responsible for the area of operations which covers all plants, purchasing, logistics and quality.

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