Tradition-steeped, quality-conscious and purposfully

The company "ALNO AG"

  • a leading manufacturer of kitchen furniture
  • 2.300 employees in Germany
  • 3 subsidiaries in the USA, Switzerland and UK
  • 6.000 partners across 64 countries

From a carpenty shop to a leading kitchen manufacturer

The history of ALNO

  • 1927 Albert Nothdurft laid the foundation for building ALNO with a small carpenter´s shop
  • 1957 Start of production in Pfullendorf
  • 1995 Initial public offering
  • 2011 Max Müller ist appointed chairman of the board
  • 2014 Acquisitoin of AFP Kitchen

Tradition, quality, innovation & modernity

That´s why you should become a part of ALNO

  • The most famous and popular kitchen brand in Germany
  • 7 national and international production locations
  • ALNO is active in more than 64 countries
  • Turnover 2013: 395 million Euro
  • Foreign contribution to the division's turnover of 33%